Living on the Blake Sea

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Earlier this week, I traded my high rise skybox in for a parcel on the Blake Sea.  I’m one of four parcels on Schooner’s Run, part of the Sailor’s Cove region which is a section of the New England and Northwoods.  I purchased a new home with a weathered wood exterior and I terra-formed the entire parcel adding layers of grasses, rock formations, and even a sandy beach.   There are rocky trails  and well-established trees and bushes on the property.  I have my boat docked on the North facing side of the home for easy access on and off the Blake Sea.

I know there are opinions out there about living on Mainland, but I couldn’t be happier with my decision.  As always, an open parcel is more L$ than skybox rentals, but I’m enjoying the open feel of this location.

Landscaping Credits:

Naima Searocks
Naima Las Islas Water Sprays
Studio Skye
Hayabusa Designs
Organica River Erosion
Garden by ANC
3D Trees
Landscaping by Felix
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Scandalize has the exclusive Mich. outfit now available at the October faMESHED event.  The outfit comes in 21 fashionable colors and each outfit offers an optional add-on necklace.  The colors are all so good on this that I purchased the fatpack!

Photo Quote: “I love it when I caught you looking at me.”

x-tra bits:
Scandalize: Mainstore
Seraphim:  The most comprehensive site for SL sales and events
faMESHED:  October/2017
Devin: Photoshoot Location



Today I made a re-visit to the new Wasabi in-world store.  I realized they moved when I found a new landmark on their “old” property.  So here is the new link. Wasabi Store  At the front of the store you will find this “kiosk” (pic below) and on it, is some great information.  Not only is it where they post all the links to their social media, but they also have a note card that gives “Basic Mesh Knowledge”.  I am sharing the contents of that card on this blog post, but all the credit goes to Wasabi for writing it and making this information available to their customers.


Notecard reads:
“First of all… you might ask yourself: “what the heck is mesh”?
Short answer: nothing new to what you had seen until now in SL.
Technically everything in SL is “mesh”: your avatar, prims, sculpties… you name it.
Long answer: A polygon mesh or unstructured grid is a collection of vertices, edges and faces that defines the shape of a polyhedral object in 3D computer graphics and solid modeling.
The faces usually consist of triangles, quadrilaterals or other simple convex polygons, since this simplifies rendering, but may also be composed of more general concave polygons, or polygons with holes.
So what changed, you might ask?
Before August 2011, creators could only use prims created in world or sculpties created in various external programs which had strong limitations in structure and “behaviour” (and they basically were just small images that SL “interpreted as shapes”)
Now creators are able to import models created in programs such as 3ds Max, Maya, Blender and so on directly into SL that can look better and behave differently from prims and sculpties.  you, therefore, need a more “advanced” viewer to be able to enjoy these new features.
Here are some helpful informations about mesh:
Mesh can be RIGGED or NON-RIGGED=======================  NON-RIGGED mesh behaves like a sculpty.
It cannot flex following the movements of your avatar, but can be stretched/edited/modified like a sculpted prim, though retaining more definition in shape and texture display.
Also mesh can be more efficient than a sculpty rendering-wise if properly optimized.
RIGGED mesh can flex following the movements of your avatar.
Since you can rig a model only to the SL avatar skeleton, there is no point in rigging a house or a lamppost unless you want to wear them =)
The drawbacks of rigged mesh are that you cannot move it or shrink/enlarge it to change the way it fits you.  It will adapt to your body following ONLY those sliders that move your bones (e.g. height, head size, arm lenght, leg lenght etc…), but won’t be deformed by other sliders not moving bones (e.g. body fat, breast size, head shape, forehead angle and so on…).
Rigged mesh can be tinted/retextured only when rezzed (not when worn) and you can change its attachment point and it will always “end up” in the place intended by its creator (hair will always stay on your head no matter which attachment point you choose).
Chances are that your mesh will be a single object even if it appears to be made by many different  objects. You need to keep this in mind when you want, for example, to retexture your item.  In the case the mesh is a single object, you cannot use “edit linked parts” to change the textures, but will need to use “select face/select texture”.
To make things clearer, let’s say we want to retexture mesh hair:
if they are made in a single object the strands are NOT many different, separated parts and texturing  them strand by strand would be impossible, because the strands are grouped together.  Each group of strands have the same texture for a maximum of 8 textures total per mesh, so changing the texture of a strand would, in this case, change the texture of all those strands belonging to the same group.”  –Credits: Wasabi


Adjusting to SL Life

So the last couple weeks I have been re-orienting to Second Life.  I started renting a cute little house on a quiet sim.  I have not decorated it because it was semi-decorated (at least on the outside) when I arrived.


I’ve been practicing alot with all the settings on my avatar.  I’m learning how to adjust the alpha layer to make (non-matreiya) outfits fit my body shape.  I also received my first Catwa Powder Pack which was exciting!  So it’s been fun playing with all the contents of the July Pack.  I found out there is a whole list of things that goes into making your avatar look the way you want him/her to.  The first learning curve is the terminology and brands when it comes to your avatar and purchases you may want to make for your avie. So the things you “need” when you either go to update your avatar or you decide to take the leap into a mesh head are:

  • Mesh Head (CatwaLelutka are most popular brands and cost around 5K L)
  • sl_skinSkin (when you purchase the Catwa or Lelutka head, “head skin” presets and skin tones come with the head – you have the option to purchase other “appliers” for your head like makeup or another skin color)  [BEGINNERS TIP:  The skin will change the complexion of your avatar head, not the body]
  • sl_shapeShape   What you have to remember about shapes is that the shape has to be compatible with the head you purchased.  Once you pick a shape you have to purchase clothing to fit that body (unless of course you delve into how to conform your avatar to the shape of the outfit using the alpha) [BEGINNERS TIP:  The shape will change your avatar from the head down giving you a different appearance altogether]
  • AO Animation Override – Strawberry Singh discusses AOs and explains Bento at length  and she is very thorough in her discussion on her blog.
  • Appliers  is where the fun begins because you can use appliers to further customize yourself for things like face makeup, tattoos, piercings and more.



Ima blogger?

Yeah, so this is exciting!  My first blog {woot woot}  I am by no means a professional at this, but I wanted to share + this blog will double as my SL scrapbook.  So let’s get started…my highlight of the day today was that I joined Elysion.  For $750L, you too can have access to this members-only sim.  I didn’t have much time to get very far in the sim, but after I purchased my membership, I did land there and bookmarked it.  I also took a quick jog around and snapped this pic.  Founded by Louisa Labrada, she suggests using windlight settings /*Sky: “Nacon’s Rosy Morning” Water: “Pond” RegionOverride*/  while in the sim.  (I did have the recommended settings selected when I took this pic)  This glorious land has great photo ops for all of us shutter-bugs♥  Gotta get me some poses…

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